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A Freedom Or An Opportunity?

I have been doing what I can to participate in our world wide family.

I have a consideration I am thinking about.

Does the creator want us to be religious or is it just a freedom that is allowed?

I think the common sense answer is to yes participate passionately as even the creator has feelings and needs love.

So I look at my religious efforts not just as some sort of allowance, I look at them as the opportunity to tell the creator “I love you, and want to be friends”.

With all the sins I stumble into I basically gotta reshift the balance by offering that love, if not Im basically a burden that I dont want to be.

I would rather be a supporter and a friend, so to me, I have to do a better job than my worse moments.

I love our oldest parents and feel the need to prove it goodly if I can.

I believe they deserve that.

Ive had my complaints here and there but when we look at things as a majority I have had a good time having been created.

I appreciate having the freedom to be religious but I have not much felt it is some sort of okay thing, to me it is necessary.

Our creator was alone before the first creation.

Ive been sad and I have felt alone, with the opportunities we are given to be friends to the creator we are doing something that feels driven and passionate.

It feels like being motivated into doing it.

That is good because it makes it easier.

So dear oldest parents, thank you for the freedom to be religious and thank you for making the opportunity easy to participate in as loving you is quite natural, you deserve it.

On this topic I have a prayer.

Dear Oldest Parents,

We are your friends,

We can be called supporting servants,

You know just where life is easy, and just where it is difficult,

I find myself in a difficult situation right now and know others are and have been too, as well as will be.,

I (Or We) pray that you will help us through the difficult times,

Even as called adults we are still your descendants, called your children and creations,

Sometimes things are complicated to the extent that it is too much for a young creation to manage alone,

I (We) ask in times such as these we have the help we need to solve the situation,

Much love to your eternal reign,

May this home we live in called space and once the Nothing be your paradise.


❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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