Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Loneliness Sympathy, Is It Similar To Before Being Created?

Our creator at early area of family history was alone.

It seems the story is our creator did not like being alone and found a way to create life and start a family.

I sometimes talk about sympathies that being alone must have not been all enjoyable, maybe some moments pleasant, and other moments our new situation being superior quality.

I considered something.

I sometimes spend time feeling alone as I am not interacting with others as much.

But do I know anything actually about what it is like….really alone?

I am not sure how to answer that.

But the evidences I am providing are that I am created, and before, I wasnt.

I very much like living with the family and being alive thanks to the creator.

I feel some kind of sensation that before I was created is dark and gloomy upon my current self…

Almost as if I carry a part of the not being created yet as a part of my self.

It is very strange but it almost feels as if I can say that I sympathize actual aloneness with the similarity of before the creator created me.

I say that lovingly…

Being alive is something I am thankful for and earlier than my beginning to life seems empty.

I am not sure that is quite the same as being alone but I thought maybe I could be of help by suggesting it.

❤ Hope your having a good morning creator, you too siblings, much love ❤

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