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Random Nights Of Kindness Art

Well its a random acts of kindness night.

I havent made kaleidoscope or wall scroll art very much recently.

The program I use “Image Editor” for the phone to do the art is changing bit by bit making it a little more difficult for me to know what I am doing.

I am trying to relearn as I go.

Luckily for my smarts I saved some old APKs of the program that I can go back to if the new versions change so much I get lost.

They removed the opacity feature from the free version which limits me.

Aside from that the other ideal program I used with Image Editor to do the art was a simple note pad on my old phone.

I used it to do line tracings that are somewhat random, I would then opaque the white background and keep the colored lines having the colored lines as a layer over the standard regular image, I would then manipulate them to make quite the fun kaleidoscopes and wall scrolls.

So with these changes I havent done much recently as I basically need to relearn some and make some switches.

I did though tonight try to make an art with these limits in place.

Its kinda sized for a cell phone desktop background.

I will post it below as a gift to you.

❤ I hope you enjoy the art, much love, Learn How To Make The Art Below Pic ❤

If you like the art and would like a short few minute tutorial on how to make similar art yourself watch the below youtube video. It will teach you the basics of Image Editor in the ways of making Kaleidoscopes and Wallart and how to discover vivid images found within the original photos used in the process. If you would subscribe to the youtube channel that would help us make more friends, thank you.

11 thoughts on “Random Nights Of Kindness Art”

      1. Friend you have your own domain, why can’t you research on a topic and write post for some specific group of people?

        Other way is to improve your writing step by step, day by day. Be better. You should learn the way of presentation.


      2. I think your concept is limited to yourself. Why can’t you share it with the people. Just talk about it and they’ll hear you.


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