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The Truth Will Be Revealed An InfoWars Hope

Alex Jones is a charming and charismatic man.

His love for our family is true and strong.

I have become quite the fan of his company since I viewed on youtube a demo of his documentary “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove”.

The documentary was very entertaining in a gloomy way with occasional positive points.

It had spookiness and drama, all the great things to stir emotion.

I myself was completely unaware of the surprise I would get near its end.

Also completely not expecting all the things that would happen afterwards…

The early and middle points of the documentary drawed my attention, it made me want to learn more as it seems important and valuable to learn.

But what the heck?

Near the end of the documentary super hero Care makes an appearance, casting a shadow on the power of the other moments to the documentary.

Suddenly in the documentary everything becomes about the mysterious hero “Care”.

What a roller coaster, for sure.

At first I was attracted to learn more about the brotherhood club and Alex, but then my entire focus was to learn more about Care.

Admittedly I dont like hateful things such as violence and evil so the documentary had a few moments that kind of made me feel cringey.

That goes for the accusations against the club as well as Care.

Both had moments that were a little powerfuly scare filled.

Still as a majority it became my favorite movie.

At first I gathered an emotional attachment to adoring Care and viewing Alex Jones as a prophet.

I went to Alex’s site and became fanboy David.

I viewed his products, read posts, and began to listen to his radio station.

My favorite moment of listening to his radio was when Alex claimed Care of Bohemian Grove was actually divine (That was the impression I got by what he said, I lost the memory of his choice words), he claimed that he was the “Minion” of the hero Care.

I love minions.

Its such a cool word, the cartoons involving them were cute, and it references biblical dominion which is neat.

Now at this area of my life I had the impression to believe Alex’s accusations.

I considered a childish impression, Care Good, Molech Bad, and the bible seemed to make that mind frame easy to accept as the bible has vague mention that God does not like Molech.

But my whole life I have had a love for family.

Its not very easy to believe the worst of people, it is easier to believe we are all naturally good, and bad things only happen due to non normal circumstances that even we good people do not appreciate or enjoy and make efforts to avoid.

I at that time was all harry potter emotionally dressed up into the bible, I was like a book fan club member, the example, harry potter fans. (I am one)

So since the bible (And expectedly church) taught me that Molech was a rock and God didnt like it when we worshipped rocks, my comprehension of why is, that it is of no use and we would be better to worship God as he has emotions and a mind and can appreciate it, also as creating us and doing works that benefitted us he deserves it, while the rock is not deserving of it.

I like to make friends, I could even say I love it, its fun, its beautiful, it keeps me happy.

But for Care or expectedly he could even be the God spoken of, I was ready to get negative and enmity filled against the “Bad”.

In my mind at the time, it was defend Care, protect the children Alex spoke of were in danger.

I was a christian/jew devotee ready to research how to do my share of helping in the situation.

At the time I had recently shared having a child of my own and Alex’s reports about children being in danger basically made me go into daddy defend mode.

I talked to friends online about Alex and his documentary and did a lot of research.

I got emotional and made a few childish comments about the badness of Molech and his anti-God servants.

It felt good to help defend God and protect children.

Even though I don’t like having enemies and I consider everyone family, I was willing to butt heads with people who would go out of the natural way of things and be harmful to good peaceful people.

After much research, and prayer, I couldnt shake a thought…

Why would people be evil if they could instead be good, and why would anyone be anti-God?

There seemed to be no real answer as to how our brother priests could have gotten that deep into a mess.

So I tried a practice of praying for them and asking for help to learn about what went wrong so I could maybe mediate on their behalf if ever needed.

Because once again, I believe even if people do evil, they are normally good and can be fixed.

So I wanted to have on reserve a way to support there recovery and returning to God.

Along this effort I studied more and researched more and I learned something both pleasant but also embarrassing for me.

I studied the sound files of the documentary.

Using something called back masking, we find traces of evidence that Care had moments where he spoke to the priests of Molech as if they were actually priests of Care.

But I had basically already half called them evil and half invested into being the prayer for their fixing.

So yeah, I am a bit embarrassed, because I was so devoted to defend God and the children I didnt early on get enough of the side of the story of the brothers in the club.

Nowadays I have a different approach.

I am trying to speak good of them and offer supportive encouragement to both Alex of and the club members.

I have become this way after coming to the conclusion that while Alex reported some truths he also reported occasional vagueness’s that may not be accurate everywhere around the direct truth.

Alex is a good man and I am glad he made the documentary, but after learning the priests are good too I am actually interested in being friends with both groups.

I do pray and hope they will accept my apologies, I was a bit of an embarrassment in words, but to say something as to that…

The thing is, well, I love our creator very much, and I also love all of our family.

That comes with the belief that our children are in a extra category that deems it necessary to protect them more than normal.

So since Alex reported those dangers, I became ready to defend these things I love.

I hope you family considering that will accept my apologies.

Once again, It would be an honor to be friends with Alex and the Club members.

I promote the club and Alex a bit here on the site.

I feel they are important to the Jewish and Christian beliefs cause.

So with all the excitement of Care happening and then the learning that the priests are good after all which fullfills the answers to my prayers what is left?

Well I bought the documentary from Alex and left him a loving note about our site.

He in return, very lovingly, sent me a big pack of stickers (I totally adore this idea, as a child I loved stickers and temporary tattoos).

My favorite sticker has a rustic looking design to it and it says “The Truth Will Be Revealed” “INFOWARS.COM”

I stuck it on my bedroom wall behind and above my computer monitor.

Im putting my hope into that sticker Alex.

Ive had my good moments and my bad.

But I think the truth of life is that we are all a majority very good.

With that belief I expect the truth and whatever is to come next will be very exciting.

I hope to spend some quality time with the hero Care if I ever get the chance.

I also hope to visit Bohemian Grove some time as a member and learn more about their good qualities, hopefully they will let me be friendly with them.

Spending time with Alex would probably be way cool, hes got a lot of survival stuff on his site and he seems to be a very lively man, I estimate I definitely wouldnt be bored.

This whole situation has brought a renewal of religious passion upon me as so much that I started this ancestor appreciation group and also I purchased the 10 commandments dual christian-jewish translation, which I hung on my wall.

I am trying to obey the 10 commandments so I can be prepared for the future.

To you my friends I suggest it as a healthy opportunity for self structure.

If you have been following the story you are probably curious as me, what exactly is going to happen next?

Well I dont fully know but I got expectations something expansive and beneficial is going to happen soon for us.

I am just glad things arent actually as spooky as they were reported.

I have seen a lot of animal rescue videos on facebook recently and that gives me hope we are still heading in the right direction.

Animals dont have money and dont usually work but if people are still loving and helping them….

Well then our family still has love alive in its heart.

To you my friends, that is something I wish for you to pleasantly keep.

Love as your passion.

Please dont quit, keep loving, you deserve it and so do others.

As a family as long as we keep love alive as our desired emotion we will succeed together.

I will end this note with Alex’s sticker.

❤ “The Truth Will Be Revealed” “INFOWARS.COM” ❤

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