Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Prayer For Our Creators Success

This prayer goes to thank us siblings, and to encourage our continued love.

It is made considering our Oldest Parents job is very hard, they have had many children due to desire for love and as a good decision.

It is our goal to be supportive and acknowledge these things and to continue to make efforts to make the job easier and more pleasant on our oldest ancestor, the creator.

Dear siblings and creator,

We are sisters and brothers,

We are descendants and creations,

We have the oldest parent equally as our ancestor,

The parent has given us many beneficial and pleasant qualities for our days and nights,

What can we give in return?

Love and a gentle position of opinion,

When we have choices we can choose love, passion, and support,

We can be merciful when given the opportunity and peaceful to offer a less stressed family.

Our creator loves all of their children,

It is good we remember this and honor it,

It benefits everyone,

When we stumble into a mess, it is good to accept the help of the capable,

Trying to do everything alone is not proper, as even our creator decided to not be alone by creating us,

We have been given the opportunity to be parents ourselves,

It is true that we are young and children ourselves,

But with our descendants, building a good and noble relationship with them will lead them to a future worth having,

That is our way to lessen the burden of the job of the creator, have some fun ourselves, and to do good deeds for others that structure a very successful creational wide family,

We should consider what is best for the family and try to offer it when we can,

We want what is best for ourself, it is good to offer the same to each other,

In a world with many different religions we have 2 dividing words that bring them together,

Good and Bad, one is pleasant, the other is tragic,

It is possible to respect all religions and gather benefit of each if we seperate unto collection the good teachings from them,

Of all religions a common notice seems to be not to harm others,

We are all one family, if we can love instead of do harm, we have a tomorrow worth going to,

You my sibling(s) are a miracle,

Created as a part drawn from the Nothing everything began from,

You and I, we, can achieve making our creator proud tomorrow, by today doing what is honest and loyal,

You love our creator, I admit I know our creator loves you,

I am sending you this prayer to strengthen you so that you may continue loving and doing good,

I offer you these supporting words and would like to say,

Thank you for the good deeds you do, thank you for when you are merciful, thank you for loving our creator,

Everything began from Nothing,

But now we are a family,

We will be a success and make this home once the Nothing a eternal passion,

Thank you siblings, thank you creator,

Cheers to our continuance as a successful family.

❤ Thank You For Reading, Much Love ❤

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