Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

We Could Have Been Guests, But He Made Us Family

Do you at times consider that this family of all of us started as one person?

Living alone in this place, owning everything as capabilities reach.

No boss, no orders, no requests.

Someone was alive before I was is how I comprehend it.

The creator was alive, I was not.

The creator had everything that the creator had.

Yet…It makes me feel am I a guest in all this?

Well I have been told in many different ways that I am more considered family.

The creators child, getting more than some temporary relationship would be.

The creator not only made us, the creator did works for our sake.

Making pleasant foods, smells, entertainments, and even teachings.

A guest is a temporary friend, family is eternal friendship.

We were wanted to be here.

It is a miracle that someone who did not know us, wanted us, and still to this future, loves us.

I am truly appreciative.

For our parents, our siblings, our children.

Thank you creator for choosing to be a family and not stay alone.

You have made me feel excited to be your friend.

I will try and make a song as thanks.

Our creator, courageous to make friends
Our creator, brought loneliness to its end

Our parent, such a success
Making us, what a best

Our Love, hugs adore
Paradise here, and of it galore

A son and A daughter, what we are
Sometimes close together, sometimes afar

A guest is an honor, it is true
But we are family, and creator we thank you

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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