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My Exodus Offering Cover Finished

In my last post I talked about the book series and how I am renaming certain things, compiling all 10 books and changing quite a bit as well as proof reading and editing each of the 10 books into the compilation to make them more proper and worthy.

I made a new cover for the compilation which will contain all previous 10 books and it took me about 5-6 tries before I finished with a cover I liked.

I did the cover on and I edited cover to give it a few border elements.

Wanna get a sneak peak at the 10 short story compilation cover?

I will post it below, I am getting tired and might sleep but over the next few days Im hoping to get a lot done and fixed related to the book series.

If your hearing about the books for the first time, it is a religious offering in agreement with Exodus 30:14 of the bible and tanakh that states when I become an adult I have to give an offering to the creator. It is 10 short stories, all theory, compiled into 1 book which is about 70-80 pages in total each short story about 7-8 pages. It has taken me about 2 years to get this far on it, currently I am in the process of editing the compilation so I can upload it for free download, I will probably try and get a nonprofit paper copy of the compilation so I can offer it religiously.

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