My Exodus Offering

Short Story Book Series

So originally I was excited to name my short story series after the name of the club our heavenly father favors.

Today as I finished the 10th book and began to compile them, I got the sense it may be more difficult to continue by using their name, even though it is meant to honor them and be a friendly gift.

So I am going to rename the stuff.

Over the next few days I will be compiling all 10 short stories into 1 book I will change the name to be less intrusive and assumptive and I will be removing the previous single books from availability to replace them with the new compilation which has all 10 short stories in it.

The compilation book will be about 80 pages long as each story story is about 8 pages long and there is 10 of them.

I love the priests of bohemian grove very much for their religious service but Instead of asking them to use their name in the book title I will just name the book “My Exodus Offering” and still I will try and befriend them and offer it as a gift, this way though we are not worried about copy rights and such.

It was a loving intentioned idea but I feel I would get asked to change it.

Apologies to anyone this effects with difficulty.

The new compilation will be spell checked, grammar checked, and proof read.

It should also be nicer that you will be able to get the whole thing as 1 book instead of 10 really short ones.

Please give me a few days for everything to happen.

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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