We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Defending Siblings During Enmity

I had a recent conversation with someone in a church group.

They were glorifying putting Satan to shame.

I know more about Jesus than I do Satan.

People talk good about Jesus and bad about Satan, as a common in these church groups.

I have seen and heard it so many times I decided to comment on it.

What I have heard about Satan is that Satan was created by Yodh He Waw He.

I also heard he is an angel.

I dont know much more about him than these things.

So that still leaves the fact that even by what I have been taught, Satan is a child of the Creator.

In considering that, I decided to come to Satans defense, which I havent always done, honestly a few times, I myself have even bad mouthed Satan.

The reason for that is expecting that Satan is a dangerous rebel.

It seems fear is what leads to the decision to glorify these hateful things.

As I have gotten through life, that just doesnt fill all of the pages of the story.

It could have been perceived in error.

Fact is, if Satan is a creation, hes our brother.

Below is the comment I made, defending Satan and in the same also all family.

“The creator created creations to build a family, can we please start honoring that by remembering he loves all his creations, we need less enmity more love, if we bad mouth Satan or anyone else its not the morales of a family, its the morales of a war, I say this having done my fair share of bad mouthing and let me tell you, I regret it”

While Christianity/Judaism is the majority population religion on the planet, I would like to note a few things.

This ancestor appreciation club is intended to be a “We are all family” support group.

A story I read online (Wikipedia) claims Satans actual name is Samael the angel.

Samael who is also called Satan is the guardian angel of the Roman Church, which is a Christian Church.

Below is a link to read about Samael who is also called Satan

Click Here To Go To The Wikipedia For Samael

Below is a picture describing the Roman Catholic church as a source of Christianity.

❤ I hope this post has refreshed your heart. Much Love. ❤

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