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My Exodus Offering Available For Free

The compilation book “My Exodus Offering” is now available for free download from Google Play and Smash Words.

It is 10 short stories put together and also contains a small amount of art work I made inspired by and depicting Yodh He Waw He (God) (יהוה).

Originally I had titled the short stories the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” series as I wanted to do honor to the club and hopefully make friends with them.

I recently learned geographical locations can be copyrighted and I did not know that so I decided to remove the old series title and the whole thing was simply changed to “My Exodus Offering”.

I still do hope to make friends with them.

The book has short stories that are theory based with topics like Creational Magic, Existence, The Nothing Everything Began From, Morales, and Ancestry.

The book is available for free to you but please remember it was intended to be a gift for the Creator so it is not a average book, it is largely studies of theories.

You can find the information and links by looking in the menu for “My Exodus Offering”.

I will also post a link to it below.

Click Here To Learn More About My Exodus Offering

I hope you enjoy the free book and I wish your own offerings be successful. Much Love.

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