Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Our Police Need Our Support

I was reading a petition about defunding a police department.

I have recently heard similar things.

Police make efforts to improve our quality of life.

They are good deed doers in difficult situations.

We can support them by praying and if given the opportunity to defend their cause.

With police departments more and more it seems becoming looked at for defunding, we have a choice we can make.

It is to want them defunded or to trust that they are an improvement compared to a loss.

Consider how safe you have been in your life.

Do you walk around town in safety?

Do you drive in safety?

Are you safe at home?

Were you safe in school?

Do you feel you can trust others?

These topics are things that our police officers have helped be as high quality as they are.

I think I can say someone becomes a police officer for good reasons.

They want to provide safety, help, and good deeds.

They can even be considered heroes.

I would like to say in any situation involving defunding of the police, please be very considerate of the details and if given the opportunity to support good people who have supported us, now and really never is a time to abandon them.

They made an investment in us.

They have been as friends to us, protecting us from harm.

Lets do what we can to honor our friendship with them.

The reason I say they are our friends, is because they put forth efforts intended for our peace.

They do not have an easy job.

Yet they do it because they love doing good deeds.

We are all one family, and the police have helped safety stay our normal living situation.

As a request I am making, if you are given the opportunity to be involved with a police officer, please be kind to them, they deserve and need it.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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