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Free Art And A Want For YouTube Subscribers

I know I have asked a few times, I apologize if it is tiresome to hear it again.

But our YouTube channel could be more successful.

Our main attractions being the WLTOP intro, the DIY art tutorial video, and the clip of Yodh He Waw He from the Bohemian Grove Documentary “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove”.

So again I find myself promoting the YouTube channel.

It will eventually have more fun videos in it but for now its short and sweet until I can provide something worthy.

So to promote it I am offering a new art set and another suggestive point towards looking at the DIY art video and subscribing.

The YouTube channel like our other sources is all WLTOP so if you like, love, subscribe, follow, or favorite it, it is just a way to send that love in words and action to our Oldest Parents, whom see and hear all according to certain religions.

Okay so below is the new art set.

Lets take a look at the original unedited picture I used to make the art.

It is a Taoist Temple. Very cool, I like it.

After sphering and offsetting I tiled mirror image to make a wall scroll.

Do you see the monk with his hands covering his face in prayer? The color is a bit deceptive it may hide it so I will zoomin for you.

Now can you see him? Cool.

Then after the wall scroll I made 2 Kaleidoscopes, lets take a peek.

If you zoomin on this one you will find what looks to be an animal with long eyebrows.

I will post the zoomin below.

Once again the color is deceptive but it is neat yes?

Okay onto our last Kaleide.

This one is pretty I think, lets check out its zoomin.

To me this looks like a cartoon character Taoist. Yellow face, red hair, hat. The colors are kept usually natural to the original picture, that is why they look this way.

Okay so thats the free art of the day.

Now back to the topic of trying to sweet talk you into subscribing to the We Love The Oldest Parents YouTube channel.

Below is the DIY art video that shows how I make these arts, you can learn from it how to do it yourself if you want.

I hope I have convinced at least 1 person to subscribe. Each time we participate in these things its like saying “I love you” to the oldest parents. That is considering again the teaching that they see all and hear all, thereby noticing our actions.

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love, Happy Friday ❤

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