Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Was Leviticus Wrong?

I am not authority enough to judge on the topic.

Instead I want to offer my opinion.

When you have lived your whole life alone.

Desperately seeking joy and comfort.

All to be brought to the result that being alone is not enough.

Finding no parent.

No sister.

No brother.

Nothing other than oneself.

Having so much to share and no one to share it with.

You aren’t worried about if you found someone how they would love their marital partner.

All that matters is that they do love.

Not fornicating is important.

Love is important.

A parent can help guide structure.

That is what our Creator does.

But if you love someone in private ways.

I am sure the Creator is proud that you love.

Once again I dont know the rules of it.

If their are some its going to probably be centered around proper marriage.

But you are not lesser value for loving.

To receive instruction on love…

Is best for our Creator to decide.

Not Creation.

That is why it is my opinion that Leviticus in the bible does not have the same authority as the Creator.

We know the Creator says do not Fornicate.

Obeying the Creator is good.

But the measurement here is,

If you do fornicate,

Is homo fornication a greater sin than hetero fornication?

My belief,

The Creator did not divide the two in the 10 commandments.

He simply said do not fornicate.

Therefore I consider it to be measured as equal.

Love is Love.

The fact this family is more than 1 person and love can be shared.

Is a huge success in the Creators achievement list.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤


Its joke night so below is a joke.

Why do we live on dirt?…

Because beds are only made as big as king size.


Much Love.

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