Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Curiosity About One Of My Ancestors

My grandpa was from Poland.

He passed away before I ever met him.

In my past I have disliked death yet kind of not been too worried about it.

Not being able to spend time with my grandpa though has taught me a bit.

Because I am actually disappointed that I never met him.

Its given me a small amount of new perspective.

Even though our Creator continues our lives past those points, it still has some disadvantage.

I am going through life and expect each situation is a learning lesson and adventure.

I trust the Creator and with love.

But I do want to also offer a thanks.

Thank you Creator for surviving my Grandpa past death.

I wish to meet him in the future.

Matter of fact, thanks for all the Creations you survive past death.

You really are holding our family together.

It is a adventure filled with excitement, fun, and learning.

Of which, we are appreciative.

❤ Have a good Wednesday, Much Love ❤

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