Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

One Creator And All Its Creations

“A Long Note And Prayer For 2 Lands Peoples, Connected”

Recently we have received news that Israel and Palestine are having difficulty.

Here at WLTOP we have a belief that we are all one family.

We were created in a desire to not be alone.

Our Creator was alone, did not forever like it, and wanted family.

This led to our family growing from the 1 original life to a family of more than 7 billion living.

When ancestry, science, and relgion come together, we know something very important.

The family started as 1 person and grew because of love.

It is important to notice we creations were meant to be siblings, also known as brothers and sisters.

Here in the USA we have the structure upon our laws that every creation is valuable, has equality intended for them, and is loved by our Creator.

I entertain the Bible and Tanakh in my studies but let me tell you, I have love for Palestinians as well as the Jews.

We should come at the difficulties we all face as a family, not as strangers.

Our Creator is our mutual ancestor, their isnt anything that can change that.

A differing belief in what the name of the Creator is will not change that the Oldest Parent is whom they are based on them self and not us.

Our many different religions, all noble, have truth in different forms.

They are all based on love, and especially love for our ancestors.

Our Creator, the Oldest Parent, to us all would want us to solve our problems as family, not enemies.

War is not beneficial. Hate is not beneficial. Stress is a timer and it pushes us to resolve situations.

I have hope that our friends the Jews and Palestinians can have peace.

I call them friends as I suggest they are fellow good deeds doers.

Anyone who does good for the family and its Creator has some qualities of being a friend.

Let us notice something.

Religion is a study of our Creator and Oldest Family Members.

The Jews and Palestinians are said to be emotionally attached to religious pursuits.

Religion stems from ancestor appreciation and love.

If the two groups could share peacefully, that is honorable.

What would the Creator want?

A family who shares.

How do we know this?

If this family were only 2 people, a Creator and Creation, their would be privacy in a different form.

In our past though, the first 2 family members decided to expand the family.

This caused the title “Creation” to be shared by many.

It self explains we are sharers.

This family in the past had only 1 person in it, the Creator.

As our history explains to us, being alone was not good enough after a long time, the desire our Creator had was to share.

That led to us being created.

Since we easily know our Creator wanted to share with us, we need to remember it is important we share with each other.

It is what our Creator wanted. We can easily comprehend it is still what our Creator wants as to this day we are reading this, we are still a part of the Creators family.

Im going to make a prayer for our brother and sisters the Jews and Palestinians.

A prayer that they find peace as family.

Lets remember, when our Creator wants a life in this family, it is not proper for another Creation to disapprove of that.

Dear Oldest Parents,

We trust our Creator has no flaw in choosing who lives, and we try to appreciate that with love.

Religion is a source of your pleasure and the worship of it.

You have brought us into a home of life, and love us.

Our desire to please you is large, and so to our passion for it.

We are at the point where arguments come about to settle upon how we will be religious.

It was your desire to choose family, in wealth and abundance.

All Creations, the children of the Oldest.

Peace is good, war is not.

This is your home and your family, war disrupts the life you made as each of us.

In this prayer we make a special request.

Will you help the Israelites and Palestinians solve this with your guidance of peace and family.

Pain and death are not desirable, neither is hate.

Both groups are one as your children, the descendants.

Even though us their fellow creations are at a distance, we pray for their future as peaceful and pleasant.

We as sibling Creations have a large love towards our Creator, please guide us that we also have a large love for each other.

We trust you want us to be at peace.

We trust you love every creation.

We trust what you create is good.

We trust this family you wanted you still want.

Please help us with it.

Thank you.

Im going to repost something below.

I dont like danger, and I love everyone.

I am expecting we all kinda feel the same as pain and fear really arent pleasures.

I recently made a special request certificate.

Its meant to bring more love and protection into our daily lives.

I hope you will make use of it, and I have too.

In times such as this, we could appreciate the protection of our Oldest Parent.

This certificate helps make it easy for us to make the prayer of safety in these difficult times.

Much Love for Israel and Palestine, wishing them peace.

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