Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

The Word Weird Is A Branch Of Word

I consider the below art.
I think to the times Ive been teased.
I consider what a joke is.
Im doing pretty freaking good it seems :3
Some of the weirdest people are the most successful.

If word is a form of communication and weird is a branch of that equaling an uncommon form of communication.
Id say WLTOP is on the right path.
It is not the common form of ancestor appreciation.
It is a correct one.

English say God.
Jews say Yahweh.
Both to name the same individual?
When siblings disagree I try to still do whatever fits.
To worship as an example, do I choose the name God? Do I choose the name Yahweh?
Oldest Parents seems accurate even when religions are at argument.

So back to me having been teased.
Their have been times my feelings have been hurt.
But I wanna share something with you.

I still believe the Creator loves me.
And I hope you believe the same of yourself.

There have been times Ive felt lonely.
What Ive held onto is knowing that 1 person loves me and it will never change.

Recently some of my friends have been very depressed.
I love them but it seems that isn’t enough.

So I am making this post wanting to remind you.
The Oldest Parent that created you, loves you very much.

So cheer up and live, I get made fun of but I still am.

Something to hold onto is despite what even Jesus claimed about the holy ghost not forgiving sin, and despite what any other creation tells you.

The Oldest Parent, the Creator….Will Always love you.
Anything and everything you can ever possibly do…You will still be loved by the one whom created us.

Im kinda outreaching by saying these things and I built them a bit on faith but when my friends start getting depressed…cheering them up this way seems it can be effective.

❤ Saying these things to you, I hope you can feel them ❤

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