Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Website Not Built On Wood

Churches have rent and upkeep costs.

Our website barely costs anything for what it provides.

I live disabled but from my bed and desk we get prayers done.

We get all kinds of fun such as art, stories, prayers, and studies.

I respect churches and religious buildings.

But they offer some services we dont so dont neglect their partaking.

If your a fan of WLTOP that is spectacular, one of our goals is to support you in your journey of life and creation.

I am writing this to explain something.

I started WLTOP as a part of my Exodus 30:14 offering.

Genesis makes complaint of how enmity is a curse.

I dont hate much but I hate curses.

We are meant to try and bring this family together, even if in small amount by small amount.

Thats why I am bringing to you that a goal for WLTOP is to keep it free and also free of advertisements.

We have a partners section linking to free material, some religious.

This is the kind of future we can enjoy,

Prayers for free, without interruption.

If you seek question, we have it.

Curious to worship? We support it.

Love for family? Oh buddy your on the right website.

So as I am saying this I am suggesting I would like to make this offering towards you the family continue to be free and I will do what I can to support it.

But please, consider your local religious service of your choice as well.

Though some of them ask for donation they have good cause and can offer you things we cannot.

Be active in your every day life, pursue that religion club with a building or meeting place.

For us, we are an online club.

Bringing to you love into your home.

But joining a church is like joining a club, your a specialized team with standards, that has value.

Cheers to a free future where you enjoy us and your local religious group that makes you happy.

You can remember, with or without WLTOP, loving the oldest parents is self reliant, you can do it with others for increased benefit but it is optionally free, any donations you make to your religious groups are extra good deeds, and the oldest parent sees and hears all, your good deeds are pleasant


Some of the things we can be aware of that relgious buildings staff use donations for.

Service Supplies.
Hiring Staff.
Daycare For The Partakers.
Homeless Help.
Food For Services.
Religious Scripture.
Field Trips.
Helping The Needy.
Charity And Fundraisers.
Community Growth.

Those dollars you donate are called good deeds for a reason, they improve others lives, people that you love, whether you have met them yet or not.

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