Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Prayer For Our Direct Parents

Our Creator is capable of having this large family as descendantry.

A part of why is that our Creator saw it as good to give us parents in a family tree style.

This makes for fun and maybe gives the Creator some extra free time.

It is natural for us to love and adore the direct parents we have, kind of perceiving them to even be heroic.

A Creator creates creations and is the main parent, but our other direct parents have a similar role.

They teach us and help us, they love and appreciate us.

We form teams with them and a lasting friendship.

It seems some times during our long journey together we have sad moments and occasionally frustration.

So this post is for any of you siblings that want a improved relationship with your parents yet have found it difficult to achieve.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Love is a complex thing in such a large family,

We love the parents you have given us,

This prayer is to ask you for your guidance,

Please keep love wanted of us,

We sometimes grow and mature and are moved at a distance from our parents,

For anyone who wants to have a friendship with the parent(s) you have given them,

Please guide it happen,

Thank you, and Much Love

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