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An Open Door And A Good Deed

Here at WLTOP we do what you know we do, appreciate old family.

Todays post is about the elderly, the disabled, and anyone else you wanna do a random acts of kindness for.

We build homes to live in and businesses for what we do with our lives.

What do these things have in common?


There are tons of them on our planet we call home.

The amount of doors we open and close in a year on average for us is expected to be a high amount.

For someone who is physically disabled or elderly there is something we can do to make their life easier.

We can politely when we are met with the situation, offer an open door for these family members.

Opening a door for someone to make their life easier is a good deed and a friendly effort.

It may be a quick and easy good deed for us, but it can make the receiver very happy and give them a feeling of loving kindness.

Though our family has gotten larger over years of history, we want to keep our family values.

So here at WLTOP we appreciate the eldest, but today we are going to say please politely offer to assist the elderly and disabled and thank you for the times you have and will.

I know most of you are probably at this point thinking back into memory all the times you have done this and similar things.

Something else to consider though…

If our Creator sees all and hears all, it sure must be comforting to see us love each other enough to be of help to a family member in need.

So by opening up a door as a friendly good deed, its kinda like building friendship credit.

Because the person you help will either appreciate it or not, but the Creator will appreciate that you are caring for the family our Creator loves.

That means the good deed is worth it even when you do a good deed for a grump.

❤ Happy Thursday, Thank You Creator That Our Prayers Are Not Blocked By A Door ❤

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