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Lost In Translation (A Reshare)

I had a rare bible once.

What kind of rare was it?

Well the translations in it are lost to common findings.

A verse in the bible said

“Beware of soul traders”.

I search google to find what version of the bible it was but I cannot find it.

Lets talk about something.

Consider a verse that I could find.

Matthew 10:28
Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body, in hell.
(Estimated to be another word for the Abyss).

If our most popular religion is encouraging us to not fear death… that is good.

However it also mentions the soul being in danger.

This is not natural, our Creator created us due to love and not wanting to be alone, such a death should not be.

If we do partner Matthew 10:28 to the lost translation of a verse “Beware of soul traders” we should do something about it.

What can we do?

Ephesians 6:11
Put on the whole armor of the Creator.

If our religion is telling us we don’t need to fear death but also to defend ourselves against it, we can succeed this challenge by prayer, worship, relationship, and the emotion that caused us to become alive, love.

So I made a prayer certificate and I have posted it maybe a week or 2 ago. I ordered a print of it to frame and hang on my wall as a constant reminder that our Oldest Parent the Creator loves me and will protect me from the dangers I encounter.

I say much love to you as my family and I make offering to you that you have love and courage enough to pray about the topic of our Oldest Parent as your savior, and if you choose to, worship.

When half of the most popular religious book in our world is about danger and the other half, hope…

It is a notion to choose wisely and make effort towards it.

The prayer certificate I am talking about that I made to partner with Bible and Tanakh verse Ephesians 6:11 arrived in the mail today.

I am excited to have gotten it as it is emotionally good felt with love and though I have made it available earlier I will again post it here tonight.

If you pass on it today you can again find it in the large box featured section of our home page by pressing the arrow button or by using the menu and going into the category of “Worship” and finding in that sub menu “The Oldest Parent Our Best Savior”.

There are 2 things I want to mention to you about this prayer certificate.

It is in no way meant to degrade upon anyone or anything.

Also, if it seems unnecessary to you, please reconsider that, it is possible to be of benefit as a prayer.

Below is the Prayer certificate that you can print out and sign, or download to your computer and digitally sign, for any situation it be difficult to sign, I included under the signature a note to signify you simply as the descendant making the prayer.

I do hope everyone can appreciate this, it surely is good.

Attached below is the Ephesians 6:11 prayer in action, choosing to call the Creator by word instead of name, this is due to different religions claiming different names for our Creator, while this prayer brings us together as family, having the Creator as parent of all Creations.


I want to rememory to you that the night of May 26th will be a total lunar eclipse also known as a “Super Blood Moon”, it is expected to be quite the fun thing to watch, I will try to go out and see it, I hope you will to for your entertainment.

❤ As always, Much Love, Happy Friday ❤

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