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Justification Of Worship By Word?

Here at WLTOP we offer love to the ancestors, even as high in the family tree to the Creator.

Prayers have become commonly a mix of words and names, such as God, Yahweh, Lord, Addonai, and other religions names.

Lets be honest, we in our family have a lot of different religions.

Fun yes?

At WLTOP we have tried to make it easy.

We start as simple children in this life, we dont need our lives to be more difficult than they have to be.

So we simplified it, We Love The Oldest Parents.

But in our religions it is common to worship the Creator spoken of.

So in this post we are going to measure something.

Is it just as effective to worship by word as by name?

Well, emotionally we know, we enjoy knowing our Creators name.

It makes us feel as a best friend of the Creator.

However, different religions offer belief in different names.

Now to justify these things lets consider history and some facts.

Our Creator has no higher age family.

Our Creator is the first of this family, and started it alone.

A simple truth is our Creator’s name, or could be said one of them, was chosen by the Creator themself.

Our Creator also invented words.

So based upon these things we know our Creator started life not actually yet having a name.

At least it is expected it was not the first thing our Creator invented.

Though we emotionally like and enjoy names, life happens first, and a name later.

Whats the purpose of mentioning this?

With our ancestor club, the goal is to include any family who wants to appreciate ancestors together.

We are a love and prayer based effort.

So lets estimate two things.

Is prayer just as valuable if offering it by word?

Is worship just as valuable if offering it by word?

Well as we talked about the name does not make the person, the person makes the name.

By that fact we can honestly say yes, if we pray as
“Dear Oldest Parent”
or if we worship as
“We Worship You Oldest Parent”
the value of communication is available in it that allows full comprehension.

Another way in most popular religion is people say
“Dear God”
“We Worship You God”

But we can comprehend, if God is the name of the Creator, then that applies also as oldest ancestor or parent.

While as for friendship we will still recognize prayer and worship by name is enjoyable, worship and prayer by word can also be enjoyable, if we let it.

So if you are met with choosing from over 30 religions, if you are unsure about what the Creators favorite or most proper name is for you to call upon, do not lose hope.

You can always worship and pray by word, and the Oldest Parent will hear it properly.

Because our ancestor began life and then later invented a name, it is possible doing a mixture of sometimes using only words and other times using a pleasant chosen name for the prayers and worship will lead to a healthy friendship with our best friend the Creator.

The choice is yours, our goal is to help each other be equipped with freedom and choices, as others have also helped us, with such a large family, being a team is this way fun.

We look into similarity the consideration of these studies that Jesus said
“Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Our effort is connected to that morale.

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

Total lunar eclipse happening the night of May 26th if you want go out and peek at the moon that night, it should be fun.

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