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The Results Of The Petition Idea

Well Ive got a bit of a proud feeling in this moment.

On the law forum I spoke to you about of the petition involving the 10 commandments, we have been told inmates are legally righted to be allowed to post the 10 commandments on their cell wall.

If you would like to view the conversation, below is the link.

Click Here To View The Conversation

This means I dont need to make a petition to help society because society already had us protected and supported.

With this and my emotions currently I want to say I love this family, and our country the USA.

I am so glad to know even when citizens are in a weak situation, they are not abandoned righteousness.

❤ Much Love to all of our viewers, have a great Sabbath night.<3

Total lunar eclipse is only 4 days away, its happening the night of May 26th, don’t forget to get a peek at it that night expectedly it will be super awesome.

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