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This Ones For You Creator

I have been playing video games for years.

I use them as study tools to improve my skills as well as art and music entertainment.

My favorite kind are multiplayer.

For years it seems not a day has gone by that I havent played them each day at least even a little.

I tend to play the role playing games which is hero versus monster kind of setting.

These have violence but they usually offer high quality artwork, music, math, strategy practice, and offer to let me play with others.

I say that but note a part of what I said, they have violence 😦

The 10 commandments says thou shalt not kill and while the video games are not actually hurting anyone, they simulate fake killing.

Zombies, monsters, bandits, they are lined up in the games quest logs of things to challenge with sword, magic, and party members.

To honor the 10 commandments and as a special I love you to our creator I am going to try to do something tomorrow.

I am going to attempt to go a entire day with no video games.

My plan is to spend my time reading the bible, listening to music, and possible a little television.

While this may seem a bit small of an offering, I am quite addicted to these video games for becoming smarter and enjoying my time with friends.

Who knows, maybe there will be a time in the future where I completely quit these heroic yet violent video games.

But for now, Im gonna dip my toes in the water of the idea and try to fast from them for a full day.

So this offering goes to you Creator, for your commandments and your love.

I really appreciate you and want to obey your will.

As a side note the frame for my “Be My Savior Oldest Parent” certificate came today.

I hung it beside my dual translation of the 10 commandments.

Want proof? 🙂

Hope your all having a good night.

❤ Much Love ❤


Lunar eclipse happening tonight and maybe partially tomorrow night.

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