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To Entertain You

Well its Saturday, I wanted to do something fun for our club.

I have recently been involved with the social media site pinterest and found something neat.

Symbolism charts.

Symbols for protection, divinity, so on and so forth.

I thought it was neat and fun so I decided to make one for our group that I didnt find.

What if we were to take the name God and put all 3 characters together as one symbol giving our friend and parent a single symbol that represents the full english name for Yodh He Waw He?

Well I made a nifty little chart for you and I do want to note each font used changes the G O and D a bit so the symbol can be slightly different depending on font used.

I tried to pick a nice font and I hope it is pleasant for you.

Chart below.

To me I kind of think it looks a bit to be a human face with a mouth and back of the head hair showing.

Pretty neat.

❤ Hope your all having a good night, Much Love ❤

1 thought on “To Entertain You”

  1. Nice try 👌

    But as you kno simplicity and meaning works better. It should be easier to understand for a normal person.


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