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Memorial Day Art

Tomorrow is Memorial day.

I am told it is a day honoring those lost in wars.

Since its a holiday here in the USA I wanted to do something nice so I made some art.

Our family is at its best during times of peace.

The soldiers lost were fighting to bring that peace.

Its unfortunate that is the cycle of peace and war.

Though these family members passed on.

We can trust our Creator didnt lose them, and we can keep them in prayers.

Here is the art.

It was made from a picture of a grave memorial site.

When I make arts of this fashion such as Kaleidoscopes and Wall Scrolls, I enjoy using on the topic starting materials.

One is a Kaleidoscope which are usually visually pleasant.

The wall scrolls sometimes are blended properly but other times they are choppy.

This one is a bit choppy but it has a cool zoomin findable.

I will post the zoomin item of the wall scroll below.

This zoomin shows what looks like a open book with a gold bowl on top of it, sunlight to each side.

In religions such as Christianity and Judaism, Gold was believed to be a high quality material to make offerings using.

The zoomins I make are similar to those books you gotta look at cross eyed to see the hidden pictures, the similarity is you kinda gotta look at the zoomin for a few seconds to really notice the item of the zoomin.

Some are probably easier than others to see quickly.

The more practice you have with it, the easier it is to see it.

I hope you all have a very good memorial day, and if the art pleases you, it pleases me.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

If you want to see how art is made to be wall scrolls or kaleidoscopes check the menu for the YouTube channel or the DIY art video, I made a DIY art video and placed it upon our YouTube channel for anyone who can enjoy it.

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