Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Prayer For Family Members Memorial

Based on our current living and passing into the afterlife situation, it is possible most of us miss family that adventured beyond flesh and continued as soul.

Today I consider family that I miss.

While I still trust our Creator has not lost them and that they will be happy and safe…

Emotionally, I want more time with them.

To honor Memorial Day and our family I will offer a prayer.

Dear Oldest Ancestors,

We are all one family,

You brought us together by drawing us forth from the Nothing that became a something,

You pieced our design together, embraced it, and caused it to live,

While many of us trust you will not lose us to the loss of flesh,

The separating of the family that happens this way,

It blocks our access to visit with those we want to, when we want to,

Bringing tears to our eyes and a lodge of pressure in our throat,

You teach us much with these things,

Something we learn is a higher appreciation for not being alone and for having family,

So though I am praying those who passed on continue pleasantly…

I will add into the prayer a special something for you Oldest Parent,

You were alone and we were not,

You chose us and very diligently you care for your family,

What I have learned, connected to memorial day, and the separation of family,

Is that in this prayer I offer a wish, a luck, a fate, a hope, dedicated for you,

May you never be alone again, may that eternally please you, and I admit we love to make that possible,

We love you Oldest Parent, separating our family gave us sympathy for your early history situation,

We cried learning these experiences, But truly this temporary experience, brings us closer to fully appreciating you and your story.


❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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