Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Fate One Of Its Possibles

We have an oldest parent that created us.

It is also said everything began from Nothing.

It became a something.

Some of it mixed together and our Oldest known parent began life.

These are the deep yet simple knowns.

Older family have been sought and not found, yet sensed and believed in.

Theres an old saying, “If it is considered possible, it is, and probably will be”.

With that our minds playing with the idea if we have one oldest parent is it possible they have older relatives they have not yet found.

Then we break the thought in two.

Can they be found, can they not be found.

We have an emotion that drives us to want to find the oldest family that is literally oldest.

If we have an oldest known parent here and an older oldest unknown parent lives well then finding them seems desireable, to say thank you and much love.

Lets spread out the possibilities.

We have an oldest known ancestor. Our Creator.

Then it branches into possible older unknown family, from their it branches into can be found in ever, cannot be found in ever.

So maybe here we could prepare our emotions and minds for something.

We could say based on possibility and our own capability to say it is possible.

What if their are unknown family we will eventually find and also some unknown family that will not ever be found?

We can then hop onto the branch of why they would not ever be found and spread it into, they want to be found but somethings restricting them, their own desire is to not be found.

These are complex thinkings that have not been a part of our average every day lives for a long time.

But here we are talking about it, making our minds strong.

You want my opinion? You want me to simplify it?

Some unknown family can be found, some cant.

If you choose to believe that same way, my suggestion is dont let your feelings get hurt.

Instead be proud the oldest parents, known and unknown live and benefit the family.

A quick example of how unknown family benefits us.

Our oldest parent the creator began life immortal and protected by a lucky situation of survival yet surviving.

It is easy to say it is thanks to all self effort, but if we look at it from a far glance of the whole situation, immortality…eternal life… creating other life….sounds possible to be lucky enough that some unknown parent gave a non money based inheritance to one of its favorite descendants simply doing it with no contact made and for whatever reason….

Once again, I expect it possible this family will find unknown other family eventually, and I also feel certain some family that is unknown and already alive can never be found.

My estimation of why, is, “Desire to be less effected by others”.

Want to comment you opinion on if we will ever find unknown family? Will we find some and not others? Will we never find any? Will we find all possible? Please feel free to leave a comment below or just think about it in your mind so the Creator can listen and enjoy your belief (Creator Sees All, Hears All verses).

❤ This is only 1 piece of what fate defines, thanks for reading, much love ❤

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