Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Religions Tendency For Eternal Life

If your religious you probably believe in some form of continuing life even past death of the flesh.

Even non religion points to facts we are all one family and have a common same oldest ancestor.

We can also say that parent is our maker.

The great thing about eternal life is keeping benefit.

Whether you believe in reincarnation, rebirth, or staying in an afterlife as a soul, there is benefit that can be gained from progress upon your life.

Being in a family we can carry with us progress in our friendships, home, and self improvement.

There are different beliefs of the exact methods of living eternally.

But what we can comprehend from it, is to keep putting effort into our selves and family.

When we improve ourself in this family it is also going to be true that we use that improvement to benefit the ones we love.

When we help others gain we are making a more pleasant future for our family.

We are contributing to a society by good deeds and happiness.

These things make the tomorrow more worth it.

Our Creator the oldest parent is the origin of improving the future.

The skill of improvement was inherited upon us creations and taught to us how to be efficient with it.

So of this I would like to suggest something to think about.

Whatever your beliefs lets entertain a possibility for a minute.

If you can live eternally, completely and with no ending to that eternal life…

Can you think of 1 thing you would like to improve about yourself, and 1 thing you would like to do for your best friend? The goal with this exercise is to think of long term improvements, something to work towards that holds value eternally.

I will give examples of myself.

I would like to learn the oldest language and gain experience with it.

Something I would like to do for the family and or a best friend is to maintain a sharing attitude.

With learning the oldest language I expect I could improve my skill with it and then go to some next step guided by the oldest ancestor.

With trying to keep eternally a attitude of being giving, generous, sharing, I would be helping the cycle of good deeds continue in our family.

So those are my examples, now the question is ready for you, what do you want to improve of yourself eternally and what do you want to invest in with our families future?

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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