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A Dual Translation Gift For You

Today I compiled something into a piece of art, a dual translation piece of art.

This was done in two steps, to honor our ancestor and to assist us the descendants.

I made the dual translation in certificate format and it is kind of a profile for the epic hero giving the 10 commandments.

The basis of this dual translation is Hebrew/Aramaic to English.

Before I talk more about it, lets give you the sneak peek and you can save it to your computer or phone as a free gift and scripture tool.

This is art and it is quite beautiful but it is also a powerful study tool and helpful reminder.

On it you can find the standard English name “God” which is “Of Good” as well as the name which was written on the 10 commandments “יהוה” which is read from right to left in Hebrew and pronounced it is “Yodh He Waw He”.

This art tool has the common titles of Eheyeh, Adonai, Elohim, Shaddai, and Eloah, it gives a description of what each word means.

Then to the right of those you can find his Personal name written as it was on the 10 commandments and giving the English written pronunciation.

In that list you will find a profile description listing a few favorite characteristics of our loved ancestor.

He is the father to the Adamah in English called Humanity, He prides himself upon his talent of charisma, he is a teacher that is beyond limit, and it also notes he is immortal and as all of us eternal.

The holding of hands icon symbolizes both prayer as well as the connection between us, the dove is there from the story of Noah’s Ark as well as the story of Jesus.

Some of you may possibly be new to dual translations so as an honorary badge to boast a little of your self improvement effort I put on the certificate in big gold glow “Dual Translation”.

If this is your first Dual Translation, congratulations, you are on a path of efforting into yourself growth of the mind and skills.

I will post this Dual Translation tool on our Pinterest, Deviant Art, and Facebook Group.

It will also be finding a place in the menu under WLTOP? then Appreciation Art, there it will be so you can find it on our site, should you not wish to save it but should wish to see it again.

Well theres the gift.

I hope you like it.

Want a video game religion joke to end this?

Why does God have so many names?

His charisma stat is so high he unlocked them. 🙂

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love To Ya Family ❤

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