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Marriage Supported By Religion

Well if your like me I assume marriage is one of your favorite parts of life.

It is fun, it is a permanent bonded team, it is best friendship, it is love in pure form.

Your good at it right?

Sure you are.

What do we consider important about marriage when we consider religion?

Approval of the Creator, the oldest ancestor.

Churches hold scripture reading and blessings upon marriages.

This gives us a cozy feeling of satisfaction complimenting safety.

In these church marriages we feel the approval of the creator giving us a safety net to succeed with our marriage.

While I have a lot of thoughts about marriage I wanna touch on a few basic principal beliefs that will emotionally support you, my friend.

When we aim to get a marriage we dont want to do it twice, we want it to be a success eternally.

The passing into afterlife has bogged down our efforts.

So what can we do to salvage the situation?

When we want to get married our reasoning is to have a best friend we can invest in eternally.

Love is different for each of us, some of us align with different gender to grow diversity while others seek same gender to look above the limits of gender.

What I suggest here is since death of the flesh kinda lames upon us we should bond with our oldest ancestor for our marriage with prayer.

We can offer prayer that our Oldest Parent did not want to be alone and that is why we were created, neither do we want to be alone so please agree to us having a permanent marriage as it is a team of two which is by no means loneliness but instead a friendship worth investing in.

In the forgotten books of eden the heavenly father makes a promise to save the Adamah from death after a great five and a half days which is translated as 5000 and 500 years.

But considering all religion…

What if we expect there will be an end to the death cycle eventually, expecting our early family had immortality in the foundation of it and this death and life cycle is simply temporary.

We can then prepare to be ready to make a marriage that will not be attacked by death and seperation.

So with this post I want to give you a happy thought.

Expect eventually death will end and the family will be returned to a healthy glory thanks to the Creators end to the lesson.

So my thought train to give to you is, if the Creator eventually returns the family to immortal health and no one will die, what would you like to do with marriage.

If no separation of you and your 2 person love will happen what will change?

What are some goals, what is your perspective, how will you shift your daily and nightly participation in the marriage, how will your investment change?

Consider how death ending will change your marriage, and marriage pursuits.

Making prayer seems fine here, quite the opportunity to do it.

I hope you have fun with these ideas, and remember, death is a temporary teaching and experience, our Creator created us due to love, and it is expected a parent like that will allow for marriages potential to not be limited, even though temporarily we are learning the lessons of life and death, as well as what it is like to be lonely due to not having family.

Life is the investment, death a mind strengthening teaching, eternal life a family inheritance.

🙂 ❤ I say it a lot but I really do love you participators 🙂 ❤
🙂 ❤ Its a new day, Grab it by the hands and claim it, Much love 🙂 ❤

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