Fun, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Sympathies And Friendship For God

Im feeling emotionally attached to our Creator tonight.

I will try to make this fun and deep.

We adore our Oldest Parent.

The Creator is lucky, having immortality, eternal life, marriage, descendantry, a good home, and specifically love.

There are so many ways I wish I had more proper language to explain in words my love in sympathy for our Creator.

Not finding family and having to create them is glorious yes, but how often do we consider it to be sad?

No offense meant, what I am trying to say is, if an effort to find family was made, and none were found, well its possibly not a good feeling.

Lets look at the happy parts of the story.

Our Creator has us.

Our Creator may not have found older family, but our Creator has an older home, and our Creator has thanks to it family.

Tonight’s a good night to remember that our Creator has emotions and feelings.

Tonight’s a good night to be proud of the love and good deeds we have done.

Tonight’s a good night to refresh our strength in continuing loving and doing good deeds.

So lets do our best in the future to give lots of love to our Oldest Parent, and try to have a gentle attitude.

None of us creations know what it is to be completely alone.

We see evidence based on how good our Oldest Parent is that it wasn’t exactly bad.

But still since it was changed into family…

We can estimate this is an improvement…we are an improvement…

Lets be that improvement for our Creator.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤


Maybe we sometimes feel the need to invent something new to impress our Creator.

We are the new, loneliness is gone.

In a situation of this, to do something fancy to impress our Creator, it could be as simple as writing the Creator a note saying

“You were alone. You wanted me and I am now here. Lets solve the remaining unknown together.”

Its that kind of fun attitude and loving loyalty that may actually excite such an already experienced person.

There’s probably other simple things we can do to entertain our Oldest Parent, if your similar to me, your waiting for your opportunity to ask what you can do that is still fresh.

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