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Do You Have Enough Time To Give A Short Review?

Maybe you have been long enough with WLTOP to know my Exodus 30:14 offering is partially this site but also tagged along is a 10 short story free book called “My Exodus Offering”.

Originally the short story series was titled “Bohemian Grove Offerings” named as such due to my desire to become friends with the Bohemian Grove club and ask them to submit the book to Yodh He Waw He for me.

I learned geographical locations are possible to be copyrighted and I didnt wanna step on any toes as the saying goes so I changed the title.

The book has been available on Google Play for a few months now and it hasnt got much attention.

I am okay with this because the gift was directed for Yodh He Waw He as per Exodus 30:14 request.

But I was thinking, I have got a lot of friends that participate in our WLTOP activities and while they may not currently want to read all 70ish pages of the free book, maybe they would be interested in a reverse autograph.

Whats a reverse autograph?

I wrote the book and if I were giving you a paper copy I would happily sign it for you with a message of love and blessings upon you and your copy.

However Google Play has a section for reviews of this book and I could really use a reverse autograph, a message of love and blessings from you.

So if you have a google play account or can make one would you leave a message on my books page saying we are friends, or your a fan of WLTOP, or something simply supportive?

If you read the book or even just flip through a few pages quickly to see what it is like, that could also fit in the review.

Anyways the link to the book on Google Play is below, this is your chance to sign a reverse autograph for me and maybe one day in the future I can return the favor by autographing something for you.

Anything loving or supporting will do.

Click Here To See “My Exodus Offering” on Google Play And Give A Review

❤ Thank You For Your Participation, Much Love ❤

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