Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

Excited To Be Healthy (Vaccine)

I just got my 2nd dose of the Maderna vaccine.

I am excited to finally have it done and I just thought I would use it as a reason to talk to you.

I struggle with non health on a daily and nightly basis because of schizophrenia.

It feels very good to finally actually have some kind of health benefit.

Thank you government and tax payers for the stimulus.

Thank you supportive commentators for keeping me hopeful during the pandemic and also for giving me enough courage to get the vaccine.

The 1st dose left my arm hurting for about 3 days.

I am curious how this 2nd dose will be.

My plan on new content for you is to let this 2nd dose run its course of whatever ache or bruise its going to cause, any side effects, and then when I am feeling improved to try to add more prayer backgrounds.

I add the kaleidoscopes and wall scrolls often but I want something more religiously cheerful so prayer backgrounds is a good fit, general appreciation art I recently did a lot of so we can push the update of that to the future.

The site and our social medias are doing good.

Im new to pinterest but we are reaching 4000+ views a month.

I guess with all these fandoms for our Oldest Parents I am doing something correctly as we are growing.

Well thanks for giving me your attention for a moment, Fathers Day is coming soon.

❤ Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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