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The Old Dilemma Of Repetition And Boredom

When young and we lack experience with knowns excitement is easy to find.

Learning is quite the thing to do.

But why is learning so desirous to the mood?

Well…what is knowing?

Self Improvement 🙂

You wanna be awesome?

A Super Hero?

A Royalty of the Mastery and Success?

Well you can be.

The good news is you can be all that and there is actually no real limit.

There are gaps in progress yes, but there are a few secrets to life and just why we live.

We say everything began from Nothing, but what exactly does that mean?

I’m going to give you an example of something me and a friend wanted to prove and I will try to give evidence.

Teleportation has long been sought after yet emotionally debunked due to lack of faith caused by slow progress.

What exactly is it?

It is the ability to travel from one place to another with no in between travel.

A surplus explanation to that is it is done beyond the limits of time, instantly.

Okay so it has been told to me, oh yes, I do remember hearing this, “Teleportation is not possible”.

Yet everything began from Nothing.


Lets look at Childs math.

If we have 2 Nothings, one is a small ball, and the other a sheet of paper.

Both are a Nothing.

How does the ball grow to be the size of the paper?

It cannot travel because there is Nothing to travel.

Are you comprehending this study and the example I am giving?

I made it simple enough to start your thinking in the right direction to use these notes for your eventual result to be “So teleportation is already possible”.

I will give you a final note to this topic.

I will simply give an answer.

For everything to have begun from Nothing…

Teleportation must be potentially available.

I made this post to entertain, but I have actually heard talk of people saying teleportation is impossible because it cannot be explained how to achieve it.

The thing is it is related to the Nothing, for a living person limited to be a inside going to the bodies outside it will seem difficult.

How does Nothing grow and stretch out over Nothing?

How does Nothing even begin to grow?

This home, this place, the outer beyond…it all did start as Nothing, but as a part to that…there are a few non limited factors.

Dont get bored yet, you may just be entertained in the future.

Our lives seem to supply entertaining learnings when we need them, not always when we want them.

This in itself is training.

Which does what?

Self Improvement 🙂

Why do we want to improve our selves?

Because we deserve it 😛

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

Ying Yangs For Fun

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