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The Oldest Parents Loving Reach All Family

Below is a record of the views WLTOP’s site, this site has gotten in the last 7 days. The 30 day record shows even more countries have been visiting WLTOP to share in our ancestor appreciation.

Take a look.

I started this club based upon love, worship, and family.

I don’t work and this is my hobby, it is my pitching in of what I can actually do to contribute.

I believe keeping us advertisement free and not monetized which is a term for money earning, has allowed us to grow so quickly and have such a high quality of fan feedback.

In 7 days that is 14 countries who have been using the WLTOP club.

With the 30 day record 28 countries have participated in our WLTOP club, below is the 30 day record screenshot.

This site has nearly been composed for 1 year now.

I feel quite satisfied with the amount of love and appreciation we are generating together.

I am glad I could share these findings with you, I will try to update you on the same topic in the future.

Once again my dear friends, my family, thank you so very much for sharing love and appreciation with me, we are a good team.

❤ Have A Great Sunday ❤

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