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Thoughts On Best Friends

You’ve got a best friend, yes?

For some it is hard work to get a best friend, that is considering our oldest ancestors early life and successes.

Now for the Creation, this is something I have experience with as I am a Creation…

It may seem very sure that I have been given a quality of life desired that was not always had.

I admit I am happy and feel loved.


As a Creation maybe even not having as much emotion or mind as our Oldest Parent I still very much so have my own emotions and mind.

They may be little or immature, but they can do much more than a limit.

With my little mind and emotions… I have done things that even the word potential glorifies.

I have been in love, so much so that I valued the other person more than myself.

I have been connected to my family in a way that even long distance could not separate us forever, even time itself would surely reunite our friendship.

In this world, sometimes involved with fear and danger, it could be expected a young Creation would possibly seek its parents or to be alone for the sake of finding peace.

I considered these things throughout my life.

When I was sad, scared, angry, confused…I thought occasionally, what if I could be alone?

The answer is, peace happens alone, but when peace happens with family…it is love.

If you keep peace with your best friend, you will never want to be alone.

This is good advice, and wealthy, as history recorded, being alone was not desirable.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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