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Do The Oldest Parents Approve?

I just read a news article of something that is possible to be world changing.

I will post a link to it at the bottom of this text.

A Bill has been unveiled by a party of the USA government to end criminalization of drugs and to do what is called expunging of records of those judged as criminals for drug possession in the past.

In this post I would like to inform you of the topic, share some opinions and facts, and also to ask you to think of a question,

The question is, do our Oldest Parents approve of us having these plants as food, medicine, and entertainment.

Lets talk about it together, I will try not to offend anyone, and we can also remember something important, freedom and quality of life is at topic in this situation.

Many people have been harshly imprisoned for use of what we call drugs which are certain plants and materials that are sometimes distributed by doctors and hospitals in restricted limitations, one example being pain medicine.

Recently marijuana has been acknowledged to cure pain, cause autophagy to cancer (Autophagy is a degradation to cancer, the cancer dissolves), its been used for bone spurs, insomnia, night mares, aches, stress, and many diseases, illnesses, and enjoyment.

It was in the past illegal and what I am told is that it was started by Richard Nixon in something labeled “The War On Drugs” which is where it became illegal to use drugs and the penalty was close enough to life in prison that everyone became quite stressed and some even terrified by the situation.

My personal experience is as a child while in school I attended a program called “D.A.R.E.” which was an effort to stop youths from using drugs and my time spent in it was fun due to spending time with police who were heroes to me, but the teachings themselves of the program were scary.

Marijuana has become accepted in our society recently, I think a lot of that is due to the hippy movement, they promoted peace which was an anti to the “War on Drugs” label.

I am thinking a reason why this is becoming possible to end this warring enmity is due to people being tired of its repetitive cycle.

While the War On Drugs made drug use illegal it did not stop musicians and entertainers from promoting the drugs in their music and movies.

This was very degrading to the laws effect as these influencers were promoting drugs while our law makers were trying to prevent the drugs use.

I am not old enough to have been around for the whole thing but what I have noticed is it a bit split our country wide family into two large groups.

Those who thought it was an illness and those who suggested this is supposed to be a land of freedom.

I am not an expert on some of this.

I only recently even learned drugs are made from plants.

As I have mentioned many times I am on a journey looking for true religion based upon ancestry and my religious leaning is Judaism (Slight Christianity) even though I just in my emotions feel their is something more of a ideal and perfect fit for me and that is why I started We Love The Oldest Parents.

I want to talk about how this new law change could be influenced by true religion but I am unsure of a few things so I will try to talk about facts and what I have available that I actually know.

Our money says “In God We Trust”.

God comes from the Bible starting in Genesis and it explains God invented these plants and gave them to us as gifts for food.

Lets look at our religious teaching.

Genesis 1:29
Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

I am not an expert at knowing God. I wish I was. I can admit I consider God (By his many names even) to be a best friend, based upon all the good quality of life he has given our all family.

So the question for this post was “Do the Oldest Parents Approve?”

God does.

I dont know to say for certain that he is the Oldest Parent, but the bible lists him as a Creator, so it seems possible, maybe even hinted.

Lets then look at something.

The bible mentions that God is the Lord. I think it is explained as he is a king or above only prince.

With that we can then AT LEAST say even if he isnt the Oldest, he has the approval of the Oldest.

So either way based upon Judaism and Christianity I think our answer seems to be that the Oldest Parents approve of the plants being used for food.

Is there any enmity here from Judaism or Christianity though?

Their is one thing to notice that is important.

God said we can have all the trees and plants for food other than the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Maybe that verse even had something to do with the war on drugs.


In the Forgotten Books Of Adam And Eve which are a historical record of the characters from Genesis around the time of Genesis’s start we learn God already destroyed the tree of knowledge of good and evil by cursing it to wither.

Forgotten Books Of Eden – First Book Of Adam And Eve – Chapter 3
8 Inasmuch as when our father Adam came out of the garden, he passed by that tree, and saw how God had then changed the appearance of it into another form, and how it withered.

That verse seems to explain the tree was destroyed.

What are your thoughts on this newly proposed bill thus far? Feel free to comment below.

My opinion is two parts.

If our Oldest Parent is okay with us passing this bill, I am too.

But my emotional opinion for those imprisoned due to the war on drugs is that if they are non violent, well…then the sentences were too long (Based upon the long amounts of time I have heard rumors of).

Lets talk about the expunging of the records possibility.

With marijuana becoming medicinal and legalish, this didn’t from what I know of yet expunge the records of marijuana users who got quite a harsh deal based upon all these considerations.

They got labeled as the bad guys on government documents, and from what I heard a lot of them were detained.

With society allowing more freedoms for what once was a crime, it would actually be somewhat fair to expunge the records based upon the old law of equality.

In our USA our law was built upon a structure that all Creations should be treated fairly and have their equality honored.

That means if someone smoked pot 40 years ago and went to prison, yet its legal 50 years later, they shouldn’t be the bad guy if that’s what is decided upon legally.

Oh I guess I should post the news article for you before our post gets too long.

Here it is below.

Click Here To Read About The Drug Policy Reform Act

That’s the news article I read.

Now I am assuming this admittedly but since me and you are fans here you probably feel a same way as I do…

If the Oldest Parent wants us to have these freedoms we should have them, and if not then not.

My last thoughts are I hope our Creator gets involved with this bill to either compliment passing or blocking it, whichever is decided.

(Dear Yodh He Waw He (יהוה), Gonna Pray To You About It)

The people that have been degraded by the war on drugs are in our prayers, that includes the police and government.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

Dear Oldest Parent,

Dear יהוה,

I hope you are enjoying WLTOP, I know I am and also we seem to have a fan base growing.

This new bill could change a lot.

It could offer freedom of choice.

If these people aren’t becoming bad due to these plants, I suggest we remember we love them.

Based upon the Bible and Tanakh it seems we were given these things as gifts from you.

You did restrict the one tree but we also have record that tree was destroyed by you, probably in mercy.

Also thank you for taking away that tree from within our reach.

Being a young person and having a danger in reach is not pleasant.

This is why I come to you in consideration, love, and prayer.

I do not fully know your decision of thoughts or commands on this bill.

I am praying that you get involved with us as this bill could be a part of improving the quality of life of your creations.

Do you want it approved, do we need limits, everything you made was good so are we safe to enjoy our homes resources?

I ask you these questions connected to this bill.

Our future is dependent in a big way upon what happens with this situation.

Marijuana was discovered to be a cure for illness… It makes me consider whether what our law currently is, having properness or needing change.

I have a few times said “יהוה” for president, “יהוה” for king… 🙂

Please help us decide.

I am not able to say I know you are the Oldest, your my friend but its something I need to ask you, and until then I will just say I do know you are mentioned of as the ancestor of the Adamah and we need your leadership.

Its easy to say, if you are not the Oldest, you know the Oldest more than I do.

❤ Thank you for listening, much love ❤

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