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The Knowing Father

The bible is tragic yet hopeful.

In it we find many compliments to יהוה also known as God.

Genesis lists him as the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

While Genesis does display him as our ancestor, unfortunately it does not plainly say whether he is our Oldest Ancestor or not, this can be a bit confusing.

Is it possible it is this way due to unknowns being possible?

Or is that he is an ancestor yet also descendant of the Oldest?

I admit I dont have the answer due to their being so many relgions, also usually vague.

I can say though he is my ancestor, that much I am sure of.

In situations where I find myself not knowing the things I do want to know…

I find myself encouraged and inspired by family who does.

I want to look at a bible verse with you and talk about it.

Genesis 18:21
I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.

The major thing I want to point out about this verse is that it is the same heavenly father speaking and he strictly explains in it that he will know the truth of a situation that he is inspecting.

It connects a few notions here let us study them.

The person speaking is the Lord also known as God and יהוה.

He very clearly says he has heard of a problem.

He also says he does not yet know everything about it.

But he will soon know what he needs to know.

This area of the bible specifically gives a comprehension of confusion yet possibility.

In other areas of the bible the expression is that the Oldest Parent knows all and sees all and hears all.

So why here does it explain the Lord, God, יהוה, does not know all the details of a situation involving an outcry for help?

This here confuses me honestly, if you think you have the answers or can explain this confusion please leave your helpful comments below.

Lets talk a little more.

The character the Lord explains he can discern between truth and deceit.

It as we talked about leaves a gap that he doesn’t know everything but he will surely know the truth.

This is inspiring.

It feels good to know the hero of the bible protects us during our outcries and is capable of doing so.

I myself don’t know everything but when someone else does know something I want to learn, it feels good that they know it.

So at this point in my study of the bible I am a bit confused.

Is it the translation needs to be improved? Is it me reading it strange? Is it 2 different characters?

I am not sure why exactly the bible mentions the Oldest Parent to know all yet the Lord character does not.

Is it possibly explaining he is a creator yet not the Oldest, or is it simply the Genesis 1st book account is not the same character as the Lord?

🙂 I would like to KNOW :3

Please feel free to teach me, pitch in your thoughts on the topic in the comments if you want.

While the Genesis verse doesn’t seem to be the Oldest Parent, the character seems smart and I feel good about the character.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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