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New Prayer Backgrounds Added

Ive been talking about how Ive needed to put some effort into new prayer backgrounds for near 2 weeks.

Well tonight I have started on the task.

It may be a bit different than you expected.

What I have done this far, instead of adding prayer backgrounds for the religions we already had in stock I chose to add a new prayer background category.

In the menu under Prayers you can now find a new menu category called “Oldest Prayers”.

The collection in there is all dedicated to prayer backgrounds using the Oldest Parents as choice for direction of the prayers.

Fun, yes?

Well I am glad I chose to do this tonight.

Our club tries to embrace the good in every religion but we are also mainly focused on ancestory of our Creator and First Creation so it is quite smart for us to have a section promoting the idea.

Wanna see a sneak peek of one of the prayer backgrounds?

Here below is an example, all the ones I’ve added so far have a similar art style but different texts.

Currently we only have the cell phone desktop background ratio size but I will in the future be adding desktop backgrounds for our computers.

With the look of the backgrounds I chose a heart collage with nice heart framers, I added a gold border, listed our website so you can boast about how you are in probably the coolest free club that accepts anyone and everyone, each background also displays “WLTOP” so whichever prayer you choose to background your phone it will hold the text that you love the Oldest Parents.

I am glad to have gotten this done tonight.

I am going to rest a bit, maybe play some video games, eat some dinner, drink a mountain man lumber jacks dose of coffee and possibly…stay up late enough tonight to do some desktop backgrounds of this new prayer category 🙂

I don’t have any major plans for tomorrow that I know of so I seem free to do this.

I promised you the prayer backgrounds and I hope I am satisfying the promise to you.

Its another night where I’m glad this club is a part of our family, tonight feels successful.

❤ Thanks For Reading, As Always, Really Love You Participators ❤

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