Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

WLTOP And Their Descendants

This post is a prayer mainly focusing on the well being of our children, the prayer asks the ancestors to be involved in the quality of life for them.

Dear Oldest Parents,

Dear יהוה,

Times are difficult and dangers have happened,

There’s a lot of love still and that is good,

But as a part of our love we pray you protect our children,

There are things a Creation can do and things a Creator can do as parents,

For the times we younger ones are limited,

We ask you older parents to take our place,

Our family is well worth it,

And our children are a happiness in our family,

Some of us parents are single parents,

Please keep kindness to us and our children in your family desire,

We appreciate you ancestors and thank you.

❤ Thanks for listening, Much Love ❤

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