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Prayer Backgrounds Continued

Well as I mentioned I have been chugging coffee as I estimated I would.

Its almost 2 am here in the USA where I live.

I tend to sleep days and stay awake nights.

Its comforting sleep for me more that way, dreams and such.

As I said I possibly would, I did manage to make 5 new PC desktop backgrounds to add to the new “Oldest Prayers” section of our menu found under the prayers section.

This fills the set a bit more which previously had 18 cell phone desktop backgrounds, but none for PC.

I followed a very similar artistic pattern and as adding 5 is not very many I will add more in the future.

I tried to make the 5 I added diverse yet some of the core topics so everybody would have something nice to like.

I’m not sure how long it will be till I do more.

If there’s something missing you want, please, I encourage you, party on to that comment form and button, tell me your thoughts and wants.

Is there a cell phone background with text you want on a PC background?

Do you have an idea for one I have not done?

Comment, comment, comment πŸ™‚

I am hosting this club with the amount of church enthusiasm I have gained from other family members, but we are a team here and in this club your share matters.

So feel free to tell me what you want.

Now that I have said that though, for any of you who don’t comment, no worries I will just accept it as I am doing a good enough job you are satisfied.

On that topic, I mentioned earlier, but we are this month now getting participators from over 28 countries

πŸ™‚ Super Good πŸ™‚

Oh I forgot to give you a sneak peek…

Below is two of the PC desktop backgrounds you can find under the prayers menu where it says “Oldest Prayers”.

Click on one to enlarge it.

I chose the “We are all one family” background and set it as my computers desktop background.

Well I hope you like and love our new prayer section.

I am off to play video games and also soon to take a rest.

Much Love

❀ Oldest Parents Bless Our Family ❀

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