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Another YouTube Channel Update

Added another new video to our YouTube Channel.

It is the book of Revelations audio reading from the Bible.

I have been putting effort into our YouTube channel the last few days because we didn’t have much content and well… we only had 6 subscribers which compared to our other social media efforts is low.

To put things into perspective, we have 491 likes on our Facebook page, 19 Instagram followers, 15 followers on Pinterest with 5000 views a month, 12 Tumblr followers, 62 watchers on DeviantArt, and 162 followers on twitter.

Our website has reached 3,295 Site Views By Creations That Love The Oldest Parents since it began.

Our website has viewers from 28+ countries.

Because of all this I noticed our YouTube channel was our weakest outreach so I decided a few days ago to put some effort into it.

I expect to add a few more videos to our YouTube channel over the next maybe 2 months.

I would also like to do some other things with our club soon.

Maybe I will make a prayer, some art, maybe some prayer backgrounds.

I haven’t decided on that part yet, I will get some coffee into me and see how healthy I feel.

I’ve been ill for a while and it kind of causes me to not be able to get much done, even if I enjoy showering our creators with love and appreciation, when I’m sick, its just difficult.

Oh this post is near its end.

I will post the new YouTube video below.

Also for a while now I have been a lot fascinated with Taoism and Sufism.

So if I try and get some prayer backgrounds done, I possibly will try and do some of those.

Thanks for reading, I hope your all having a good life.

❤ Much Love ❤

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