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Thankful To Our Family

I am happy today.

I am expecting to have a good night, which is come after I had a difficult week with my schizophrenia.

In case your new to that, I have mentioned a few times in the past I have a mental disability called schizophrenia which is where my mind processes images and voices, and or memories in a non normal way.

It can be difficult at times, but hey I am a good person and I have a future full of potential.

So I am thankful.

In this post I want to give thanks to some people and share some love.

Because I am having a good day 🙂

Also I have a few things in the future that are exciting me.

Some are plans to make our ancestor appreciation successful at bringing joy to anyone and everyone it can.

So, Oldest Ancestors, yes you Creator, thank you for making me alive, thank you for accepting me as family, thank you for loving my goodness, and thank you for tolerating my frustrations.

Thank you club members for participating on our site and social medias, your joining in on the love for our ancestors is amazing, truly you are something to be proud of.

Thank you to everyone whos been a friend to me, you help me get through emotions when they become rough.

Thank you Government for supporting us during the pandemic.

Thank you very much everyone for all that you have done for me, and also for the good you have done for others.

It is the love you protect and the love you offer that is keeping our all family having a higher quality of life.

So get yourself a fancy drink, eat a fancy meal, or buy a nice gift in the future to reward yourself, you all have been caring for others, dont forget to care for yourself.

You deserve it.

Much Love, signed son, brother, father, David.

❤ Have a good night everyone ❤

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