Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Letter To Our Creator Studying Distance, Trust, And Fear

I like to talk if it can be of pleasantry, help, or gain.

Created by the loved Creator, I feel my fit in this family is to be any good kind of helper.

Even when I am not able to do anything of current use, I find myself trying to self improve to be of future use.

It is my way of saying thank you and I love you.

It is my purposed feeling for myself to put effort into being someone who did or does things that express my desire to love.

So in this post I am going to do some of that but on a rarer topic.

The topic is, fear upon a Creation caused by being at a distance from the parent Creator and instead place in distance with other Creations.

We in this post will also be noticing that it is a situation that has fear mainly due to not always feeling capable of trusting.

There are many reasons to trust, there are many reasons why it can be difficult, but the bond between Creator and Creation is unique as I can myself admit.

An example being, I love my parents, and the Creator is one of them but still I feel more attachment of perfection when I consider our Creator, estimating other Creations, it is possibly said that we have flaws.

So why do I as an example say Creations have flaws but our Creator does not?

Well 2 Creations have more equality than 1 Creator and 1 Creation.

Our Creator is old of experience, knows what being alone is, and desired for us Creations to live.

Our Creator has a appearance of luck too, maybe it is not a visual appearance, but possibly it can be explained to be appear as fate, mystery, maybe even something that I lack the words to fully describe.

That is our Creator is the 1st person we know of in this family.

That seems lucky.

I say it as a compliment.

So with these things considered, and other good notes, it feels very easy to trust our Creator, and while we are at a distance, to feel a bit unsure and even partially lost.

Very pleasantly I am a Creation whom was gifted with other family members and this has given me a little more feeling of safety than I would have if instead measurably alone and at the distance.

In considering, if I were to break my leg, (Which I did), our Creator gave me other family members that became doctors, so even though I was at a distance from our Creator and couldn’t just ask directly to our Creator “Please fix it” I was able to say to the doctor “Please fix it”.

Situations of that and there similarity make living as a Creation with other Creations feel safe.

We help each other.

But lets consider a higher quality of safety.

If our Creator can see all and hear all, we then would not have to rely on the “Finding” factor.

What is the Finding factor?

Well if I am 5 miles from town, alone, in the forest, and break my leg, no way to town, I have to then rely on someone finding and saving me.

“How long will it be until Im saved?” is a common thought on that.

With our Creator being active in a Creations life there is not really a “Finding” factor.

If the Creator sees and hears everything that happens to its Creation, finding is not done, watching is done.

So the fix would be hasty, instead of possibly a long stretch of time before being saved.

Its flaws such as these, its worries such as these, that make trusting other Creations the same way as to trust the Creator difficult.

Now dont get me wrong, I love everybody, and I do have a lot of trust for my siblings, but, not the same amount as to our Creator.

With the reasoning I listed I am sure you can sympathize that it is an honest emotion to feel this way.

We go to church, we sing and praise, we worship, but we also pray.

Things like “Please heal us” “Please bless our children” “Please accept our gift”.

We do those things because of our special attachment to the oldest ancestor.

So to my sibling Creations, if you have ever felt or thought that you can trust our Creator in ways you cant seem to trust another Creation, I don’t want you to be embarrassed by that, I myself believe it is honorable to have that emotion.

I have written a lot of words so far in this post but have not explored yet much on the topic.

I wanted to express this to you but also I want to leave it a little open for you to explore more on this topics possibilities yourself.

With the way I am as a person, I don’t like to take away participation from others, for my life as long as it has been, I have always been someone who as a majority does not do a lot of the turn taking.

Its not laziness it is more of an obedience.

That may sound a little weird so I will explain.

The Creator has free will and instilled free will into Creations.

If I offer help and support or even entertainment, I like to excite the effort but not finish it.

I find myself enjoying starting many things but continuing slowly with multitasking as well as pausing added to it.

What is an example of someone who does a lot of that?

A video game tester.

They try a lot of video games, they find bugs and glitches, but the situation can be that they never even finish most of the games they play because they are scheduled to only inspect certain parts of the game.

My efforts and participation in things I am passionate about have a similar style.

When I get a good idea I invest in it but try to give an open amount of participation to anyone else who can benefit from it.

I’m getting long winded here, the basic idea is, I talked a little bit about it being difficult to trust an equal as much as a superior, and I mentioned that being at a distance from our Creators direct participation can be a little more troublesome.

Please feel free to consider branches of the topic and expand upon what we talked about.

I would very much enjoy hearing your opinion on the topic and also if you would share any personal experiences involving the topic.

The comment box is available for you my friend, I have talked your ear off as the saying goes, it is your turn to write me a long message, if it pleases you.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Happy Wednesday, Have A Great One ❤

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