Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Vegan And Vegetarian Cooking Recipe List

Lets be honest.

Were all one family.

Humans and animals are both alive.

The Creator made that happen.

Adam is a descendant of the Creator but so is the zebra.

It took the Creator creating to cause Adam and the Zebra to live.

So how do I feel about slaughter for meat?

Well in the 10 commandments our leader says “Thou shalt not kill”.

It is a very direct answer that we are not supposed to kill for meat.

So what do we eat?

Well we find a verse in Genesis that teaches us that plants are for our food and that they are not actually alive but instead simulations of life and growth despite what some groups think.

Sure they grow, they stretch out.

But sponges grow when put in water.

Our suns light grows hotter at peak.

These things do not make them alive or feel.

Plants have tubular roots that act like vacuums pulling water in and the water dissolves the matter making it swell like a sponge.

Because a plant gets bigger, it is easy to consider they are babies becoming adults.

However it is not the truth.

Plants are based upon matter, dissolving, acids, and chemicals.

They are mixture devices that provide energies and materials from our soils that are quite soft and easy to dissolve in a living persons stomache.

Which leads to flesh healing and growing as well as changing.

So in all this I have recently become aware of a possibility for myself and like minded individuals.

I want to start a petition to end slaughter for meat.

This would not end meat consumption of animals that died of age or natural cause.

My opinion on that though is eating a dead body leads to the living persons sickness regardless of whether it was killed by knife or age.

However, very unfortunately for our beloved animals, the Creations and descendants of our Creator, I myself feel rather certain that at this time in our beautiful world our all family, specifically humans, are not in agreeance enough to succeed such a petition.

For a petition here in the USA to end slaughter for meat we would basically need a bit more than half USA citizens to agree that we should not kill for meat.

This at our time I am expecting cannot be fulfilled by my help alone.

I could advertise, put in effort, do everything right and perfect, but still we would not have enough numbers backing us.

This is tragic because living family members of our Creator are being killed just to eat.

Yodh He Waw He freed the Jewish slaves from Egypt as our Bible and Tanakh tell us so it seems possible we will be in a future where animals are not treated as slaves.

How or when do we get there I do not know.

What I do know is I will put forth effort into the cause and hope and pray.

So even though I am excited to try and make the petition and make a difference, save lives from pain fear and death, I have a sub idea.

The petition wont make it this year, a lot of other things would have to happen to stop killing for meat.

Including Yodh He Waw He (The Lord’s) effort on its part.

So instead of the petition I have a helpful, yet fun alternative.

At the below link is 400+ recipes that are vegan and vegetarian that I am sharing here to help support our cause.

I do know this effort is a small movement.

We get something from 15-45 website viewers a day, but even if one person starts a movement in the right way it can lead to change.

So feel free to try these recipes, eat less meat and more vitamins from plants.

You will be healthier and its probably that we will all be in a future eventually where eating meat is known as a sickness.

So this is your chance to get ahead of the game.

The recipes include pizzas, breads, pastas, deserts, salads, sandwhiches, hamburgers, dinners, entrees, ice creams, and much more.

Below is the link, enjoy it, cause when our Creator decides all this death has been a fulfilled lesson, meat may be not on the menu.

Click Here For 400 Healthy Recipes That Taste Good

❤ Thank You My Friend, And Much Love ❤

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