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My Faith Is Curious

Its no secret.

I worship the oldest parent.

I am emotionally and religiously attached.

Brought to this word some 30ish years ago.

Having no memory and inherited instincts I pursued truth.

I was raised Christian and enjoyed it.

As I grew older I leaned Jewish.

Investing in those religions with faith never stopped me from trying to comprehend findings and beliefs, some disagreeing with each other.

Our world has many different religions and I am at a point where I am questioning some of it.

For a long time I believed the “Lord” to be the Creator and oldest parent.

In the 10 commandments it says he is God and in Genesis it says God is the Creator.

But I am now in moments of my life where I am deciding to research everything I know for something that is more balanced and proper.

The bible starts after telling Creation to becoming death, curses, and hate.

As the bible gets further in pages it is war after war.

In between these things is hope and blessings.

To me though what I comprehend is that our Creator ultimately loves us, undeniably and absolutely.

The 10 commandments drew me into accepting the bible.

They are fashioned upon love and correctness.

They protect good and prosper it.

But that is not enough.

Our Creator has been at distance from me my life where I pray in my mind and still have not found much of the sort, instead I find differences in beliefs and differences in facts.

Still I find truths and beliefs that are mostly found in my instincts and family provided emotions.

I am considering something to question.

Trying to find if I should pursue looking elsewhere other than the bible for religion.

I can say that I know the Lord is in fact my ancestor.

That much yes I am sure of.

However if he is the Oldest Ancestor is what I find myself unsure of.

There are a few things from him that I have noticed that seem to defy what I expect or feel are traits of the Oldest Parent.

With Alex Jones’s documentary “Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove” I was a bit unexpecting the extreme in it.

The teachings from his radio station and the documentary about the Lord are entertaining, but the entertainment is not fitting.

Now this is not a complete loss, me trying to find a new faith to crutch upon.

I still know Yodh He Waw He to be an ancestor, I do love him, and I want to be his friend.

But, I feel I need to do a bit of searching around in our worlds storage of religions to see if I can find anything more good.

From what I have already checked throughout my life, unfortunately the other religions I have given moments to were similar to Christianity that they all seem to be lacking a bit of something.

Though I have not considered every religion and the ones I have I did not get deep into.

I mainly loved Christianity and Judaism.

Basically because of my love for Yodh He Waw He (God) and Jesus.

Their charisma is truly fun and contains enough compassion in it that even if I find myself a new religion, I will always try to consider them my friends.

So with all these things happening in my comprehension of belief, I am going to explore our other religions looking for facts about our Oldest Parents.

The question is left here.

If Yodh He Waw He is an old ancestor, but not the oldest, who is?

Please feel free to comment, and as a note, this post was made lovingly, no offense to anyone’s own pursuits meant.

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