Fun, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

We Celebrate The Lords Birthday December 25th

I was feeling passionate this morning, decided to do something special relating to our Heavenly Father the Lord.

December 25th is said to be the Lords birthday, and some say this is meant to be Jesuses birthday, but there is also speculation.

See in the below picture it say “It has to do with the birth of our Lord”.

In the bible the term “Lord” is basically always used to describe the Heavenly Father.

Some say Jesus was not actually born December 25th.

So its kinda a thing where a question is, is it Jesuses celebration? Is it the Heavenly Fathers celebration?

Studying the evidence of language perhaps, is that it has become that they share it.

The Lord began life first and Jesus was created later as a son and that actually means the celebration of a “Lord” would lean towards the Father having definition of it.

It is called the Lords birthday, and it is called Jesuses birthday, but most people know the Heavenly Father as the Lord so based upon the words used to describe it, the day celebrates both of them.

Lack of new testament note to what day of the calendar Jesus was born on may have partially led to this circumstance.

It is also practical to comprehend that neither of the 2 of them probably actually started life that day in the calendar.

Anyways, back to the original area of our topic, I wanted to do something nice so I made a happy birthday poster from us descendants (if you want in on it, your in on it) of the Lord (Heavenly Father) and I will be adding it to our storage of appreciation arts.

You will be able to find it on our deviant art, pinterest, and facebook group.

Im also considering to add it on our site in the appreciation art page, I am trying to keep that page condensed in size as we are limited in space and I havent checked yet but there may already be a similar art there, if not I think I will add this one.

So cheer up its saturday, heres something to put a smile on your face.

Now I know its not December 25th, but an early birthday present is better than a late one.

We have an ongoing event to celebrate both Oldest Parents birthdays together January 1st which also includes honoring their marriage as a day that celebrates both of them, basically celebrates everything good about the both of them together.

But with differing religions upon whom is the Oldest, and even a bit of unknown left in the bible itself for example the name of Gods wife, we can easily celebrate the 2 oldest on January 1st and the Lord on December 25th.

It shouldnt be unfair because I dont have much experience with it but I believe some form of Goddess’s have birthday holidays and celebrations.

I live in one country and also I am not experienced with every religion deeply so knowing a lot about who how and where a female Creator or marital partner to our Creator is celebrated I have only heard small details.

To note the bible says in a verse their is a Queen of Heaven but it does not give her name.

So now that I have talked your ear off, do you like the birthday card?

Truth is I was considering how much I love our ancestors, I was thinking about how the Lord gives us a good quality of life and puts forth a lot of effort for the family and I just wanted to be thankful he is a part of the family, specifically that he began life and still is.

Anyways if you got some free time today you could think with me about how cool it is we got a Lord in our family that is wise, strong, and crafty.

The descendant has the ancestor as a role model.

We are lucky to have such a high quality role model.

Glad you had a beginning to life ancestor.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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