Prayer, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

An Offering Of Prayer To Our Creator For Cuba

Dear Oldest Parents,

Politics are not as long lasting as family.

Churches help the needy and they are honorable.

Here at WLTOP we enjoy having a good attitude and loving mannerisms.

I have heard from teachings that the USA and Cuba have had a bit of stress between each other in our past.

But lets put that aside for family values.

I read in the news that Cuba is suffering from a food shortage and high prices, basically worse than ever for them.

So this prayer is to you, for them.

You great Creator gave us the ability to be hungry, and you supplied us with your inventions of food.

Be it that you touch the hearts of loving neighboring lands to help them, be it that you bring rain and good soil quality, please, however you do it, help our family in Cuba.

With a bit of hope I also ask, if it be good, please help the USA and Cuba be on friendly terms.

My suggestion for viewers of this.

An example.

If our Creator and first Creation, were to be king and queen of our land, they would settle a peace upon us.

So even if our Creator has given us many freedoms and allowed us sub leaderships, consider that, and we can try to uphold a friendly attitude, with family values even though we have these freedoms to politics and governments.

❤ Thank you for reading, Thank you for listening to the prayer, Much Love ❤

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