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My Thoughts On Life With No Beginning

From our Creators religion called Christianity and Judaism we have the lingering teaching that everything began from Nothing.

We also learn of our Creators beginning to life and having lived many years before inventing Creational Magic and eventually Creating with it the first Creation.

But a faithful man in the bibles high hopes may have given a question to a different possibility.

There is a bible verse where someone claims God had no beginning to life and has always been alive, being outside of the limitations and confinements of a start.

While that is exciting and fun filled, it seems wishful upon our parent instead of evident.

However, lets study two things.

The possibility that some unknown higher life could live this way.

Also the Nothing and its supply of mystery.

Lets actually start with that second part first.

In a Sufism prayer we find a teaching that we are immortal and always have been, if we connect that with teachings about the Nothing it is similar to saying that “Once we are a part of the Nothing and or its design, we will continue to live on, thanks to it, despite the damages found in it”.

So what does that mean?

Well the Nothing spawned forth as a example fire, and people get hurt by fire, but we can consider what is more resilient?

A spark of life, or fire?

Based on a lot of different religious teachings it seems possible that whatever it is that causes life and glues us to living in this place is more resilient than the fire, a toughness stronger than a damage.

For whatever reason it may be, resilience created by the Nothing seems to be of a higher level than the damage it created.

The Sufism teaching partnered with Everything Began From Nothing is very curiously exciting.

In many religions we believe in an afterlife and or soul, but when we consider the Nothing it seems possible even that non sentient Creator aspect could have a safety net in place for the life it holds.

So based on the teachings, and studies, we can say the Nothing has many secrets that could possibly entertain life that began near the same time as the Nothing began, but…well probably not with no beginning.

So the verse where the man claims God had no beginning seems still fascinating and possible in idea but here in this place that began from Nothing it seems only faithful.

However here, we also find a lot of unknown and we love solving mysteries.

But what of some other place or existence, maybe outside the restrictions and limits of this place?

Well, thats a big what if and that leads to the expression “Anything is possible”.

So really do we have a God that had no beginning to life?

I am not an expert, Im a young family member still learning.

I do believe in the phrase anything is possible.

Do I know anyone that had no beginning to life?

Not in my memory.

But I would enjoy knowing an ancestor of that style.

Then again, the Nothing still has a lot of mystery to it.

As I claimed I dont know everything.

Maybe there is more to that Sufism teaching than I have learned.

Thats actually a big maybe, I should instead say I am sure there is more to learn.

Well I hope this post entertained you, I havent said much on here in a few days so I figured I would make the effort. I will leave you with a question.

If you could be introduced to an ancestor that never had a beginning to life, what questions would you want to ask your first day of the friendship?

❤ Have a happy Friday, Thanks for reading, Much Love ❤

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