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The 2nd DIY Art Video For Kaleidoscope Style Zoomins

I spent about 2 hours this morning attempting to do something cool.

It turned out half satisfying.

My goal was to make a decent 2nd DIY art video for kaleidoscopes and wall scroll zoomins.

I was challenged by 2 predicaments.

Small resolution starting materials.

As well as updates to the program I use called “Image Editor” which have left me having to relearn the ways the program manipulates images, which usually takes a long time.

After what felt like 100 failed attempts to record a successful art zoomin displaying art inside of art, I finally had somewhat of a success.

When I finished the video I had made 2 very simple and basic cartoon characters using the art style.

I thought they were cute but honestly I was a little disappointed that it wasnt as complex as some of my previous successes.

Still an example of a success is better than no success, and matter of fact is, this basic example could possibly be easier on a beginner.

So I am satisfied.

At the end of the tutorial in the video I display a few of the more complex arts I have done using the same method, if you keep up on our site or social medias it is possible you have seen those.

So if you got time this beautiful Thursday and want to take a peek at the video I will post it below.

Please like the video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel if it pleases you, it is free.

The 2 cartoon characters at the end of the tutorial are outlined, they look like sketches, one is a man with a long mustache and or wind blowing out of his mouth, and below that is a silly looking woman with long hair.

❤ Thanks For Reading, Much Love ❤

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